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Old Bug Type: HTTP related
Bug Type: Other web server
Operating System: FreeBSD3.2
PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (2001-06-06)
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Does this happen with latest CVS snapshot:

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[2001-06-06 17:01:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


on my(our) system(s), html-fileupload does not work with php4 and thttpd.
It is not to see if it is a bug in php4 or in thttpd.

I tested it with various versions of Php and Thttpd (see below).
Sometime it works with the same php-scipts, but only with files
under 600bytes and only with stunnel. The same scripts are
running with Apache without errors.

There are 2 kinds of error-syndromes:
1. The temp-file ($userfile, in my example below) and size ($userfile_size)
   does not exists, the variables are not generated=empty,
   but the file-name ($userfile_name) and mime-type ($userfile_type)
   are fine.
   This happened, if the upload-file was under 600bytes.
2. With bigger files, Netscape shows a network error: Broken pipe

Anybody know the problem and can help me??

Maybe not enough stacksize?
Resource limits (current):
  cputime          infinity secs
  filesize         infinity kb
  datasize           524288 kb
  stacksize           65536 kb
  coredumpsize     infinity kb
  memoryuse        infinity kb
  memorylocked     infinity kb
  maxprocesses          531
  openfiles            1064

Best regards,  Dirk Brueggen


Testet on Systems:
 FreeBSD 3.2  PHP4.0.6-dev   Thttpd2.20b    stunnel3.11 (works with small
 FreeBSD 3.2  PHP4.0.3pl1    Thttpd2.20b                 files)
 FreeBSD 3.2  PHP4.0.5       Thttpd2.21  
 FreeBSD 3.2  PHP4.0.6-dev   Thttpd2.19 
 FreeBSD 3.0  PHP4.0.3pl1    Apache        (Works fine!)


Build with, one example:
 tar xzvf php4-latest_tar.tar
 tar xzvf thttpd-2.21.tar.gz
 cd php4-200104170045
 ./configure --with-thttpd=../thttpd-2.21
 ./configure --with-thttpd=../thttpd-2.21 --enable-wddx
 ./configure --with-thttpd=../thttpd-2.21 \
              --enable-wddx --enable-shared=no \
              --with-config-file-path=/usr/local/lib \
              --enable-short-tags --without-mysql \
 make install
 cd ../thttpd-2.21
 make install


I tested various php-settings, for example:


Only for testing, I have siplified the php-scripts:
<TITLE>UploadTest php4 V9.1</TITLE>
<!-- Created by: Dirk Brueggen, 6.06.2001 -->
<BODY bgcolor=#e0e0e0 text=#000000 link=#00b0ff vlink=#e10000 alink=#80000f>
<H3>Upload Test V9.1</H3>

<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="uploadtest9.php" METHOD="POST">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="MAX_FILE_SIZE" VALUE="1000000">
<INPUT NAME="userfile" TYPE="file" SIZE="50">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="File Senden">


<TITLE>UploadTest php4 V9.1</TITLE>
<!-- Created by: Dirk Brueggen, 6.06.2001 -->
<BODY bgcolor=e0e0e0 text=#000000 link=#00b0ff vlink=#e10000 alink=#80000f>




echo "Tmp-File: $userfile <BR>";
echo "Original-Datei: $userfile_name <BR>";
echo "Groesse: $userfile_size <BR>";
echo "Mime: $userfile_type <BR>";

$path1 = "incoming/".$userfile_name;
echo "<BR>Ziel: $path1 <BR>";





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