From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Redhat 6.2 (Zoot)
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Apache related
Bug description:  Problem

The problem has reported in Bug id #12671 has been resolved.

Apache seemed to hang on a "require" call.

The problem turned out to be an authorization issue with a new IP address
"requiring" access to a page on another IP address.

The other IP had not been setup to allow access from the new IP.  Once the
new IP was authorized, the problem of the "hanging" was resolved.

Thank you.

PS:  I noticed that several bug report have been closed due to no feed back
from the original poster.  I have run into the same problem.  I did not
enter a password so I am unable to update the original report. 

When I requested the password to be sent to me, I receive an email with the
password of ' . ' ...  well, that "password" does not work.
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