On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 06:40:04PM +0300, Andi Gutmans wrote : 
> Right now the only thing which is implemented is that objects behave as 
> object handles and not as native types so when you're sending objects by 
> values or assigning objects the object handler is copied and not the object 
> itself. Also very partially implemented is syntax such as 
> $foo->method1()->method2();

Just tried it, really great.

class a {
        function b() {
            return new c;

    class c {
        function d() {
            echo "Yo\n";
        function e() {
            return range(1,10);

    $a = new a;
    print_r( $a->b()->e()[0]);

The last line gives parse error. So, I guess no yet supported? 

- Markus

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