ID: 12838
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: IIS related
Operating System: Windows NT SP6
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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Hello sniper (?),

thank you very much for your really quick response, esp. on a Sunday! It really seems 
that I was too lazy reading the online-documentation and I had a recent version on my 
PC ... 

I'm always very happy to work with PHP - it's really the best choice for programmers!

Greetings from germany - Thomas

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[2001-08-19 14:48:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

You have failed to read both install.txt and the manual
page for installing extensions for Windows systems.

There you would have find this:

"Note: Some of these extensions need extra dlls to work. 
Couple of them can be found in the distribution package,
in the 'dlls' folder but some, e.g. Oracle (php_oci8.dll) 
require dlls which are not bundled with the distribution"


[2001-08-19 07:12:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'm using PHP 4.0.6 as CGI on IIS4 and I want to use the fdf_*-functions. 

But when I'm activating "extension=php_fdf.dll" in the php.ini I'm getting the 
system-error "Unable to load dynamic library c:/php4/extensions/php_fdf.dll - the 
module was not found". But this file definitely exists.

I'm pretty sure that my configuration is OK since the extension_dir is correctly set 
and other extensions (f.e. php_gd.lib or php_mssql.dll) work properly.

Even activating the (perhaps required?) other pdf-extensions php_cpdf.dll and 
php_pdf.dll does not solve the problem.

Just for testing purposes I activated some other dll's:

I found that (from these) only php_domxml.dll and php_fdf.dll cannot be loaded. 

BTW: Activating *all* extensions leads to approx. 10 error-messages.


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