ID: 12339
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: ODBC related
Operating System: Win2k
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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status -> open.

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[2001-07-24 10:49:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Changing the connect to a pconnect, removing the out db connection (which was closed 
via odbc_close())
solves the problem.. so what exactly is going on I don't know...


[2001-07-24 10:47:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'm not so sure it's with globals anymore, I just knowit's with ODBC
I had this problem once before and ended up re-writing and inlining all my code to get 
it go away. (side note, php cvs build for win2k from php4win project (approaching 
4.0.7 release) exhibited the same problem)
this particular file is also the only one to crash out of all the php files.. what 
makes it unique is the rather long subroutine
but I've gotten a stack trace and some more information
it dies with the following
<b>Fatal error</b>:  Call to undefined function:  () in <b>C:\dev\isis\web\view_
user_info.php</b> on line <b>39</b><br>
and it's 0Xc00000005, typically a buffer issue...
ODBC32! 1f7d792e()
ODBC32! 1f7d7866()
PHP4TS! 100026a9()
PHP! 00401a43()
PHP! 0040207b()
KERNEL32! 77e97d08()

echo's removed, but assignments left in to give a general idea what's going on...

Offending Trimmed Code
        function report($query, $tarray,$sarray, $empty_msg,$total,$is_last = 0, 
              $dmy = sizeof($tarray); //dummy var
              $elem_colspan = ((($total-($total%$dmy))/$dmy) == 1)?"":"COLSPAN 
              //header on table 1
              if (strlen($zhead)>0)
                  $CLASS = "CLASS=\"".$sarray['Header']['Class']."\""; 
                  $STYLE = "STYLE=\"".$sarray['Header']['Style']."\"";
              foreach ($tarray as $header => $tname)
                    $CLASS = ($sarray[$header]['THClass'] != 
                    $STYLE = ($sarray[$header]['THStyle'] != 
              echo "</TR>\n";
              $DBHX = odbc_connect("QUAL7000","QUAL_RPT","QUALRPT") or die 
Dies Here 
              $sh = odbc_prepare($DBHX,$query) or die (odbc_errormsg().$query);
              odbc_execute($sh) or die (odbc_errormsg());
              $rownum = 0;
                    foreach ($tarray as $header => $s)
                            $CLASS = ($sarray[$header]['TDClass'] != 
                            $STYLE = ($sarray[$header]['TDStyle'] != 
'')?"STYLE=\"".$sarray[$header]['TDStyle']." $x\"":"STYLE=\"$x\"";
              if (odbc_num_rows($sh) == 0)
                    $c = 0;
                    foreach ($tarray as $header => $s)
                            $CLASS = ($sarray[$header]['TDClass'] != 
                            $STYLE = ($sarray[$header]['TDStyle'] != 
'')?"STYLE=\"".$sarray[$header]['TDStyle']." $x\"":"STYLE=\"$x\"";
                            if ((++$c) < sizeof($tarray))
                    echo '</TR>';


   report($queryuso,$uasuso_trans,$uasuso_style,"User does not have access to any 
objects",sizeof($uasusa_trans)*2,1,"Object Access");


[2001-07-24 10:31:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

could you send in a short, yet more complete script than what
you have given us now.


[2001-07-24 10:20:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

All right, this is a rough one to report as I only have vagure ideas as to what's 
going on ... but it really sucks either way. 

the function call...

report($queryusa,$uasusa_trans,$uasusa_style,"User does not have access to any 
systems",sizeof($uasusa_trans)*2,0,"System Access");

the function 

function report($query, $tarray,$sarray, $empty_msg,$total,$is_last = 0, $zhead="")

The crash

the overwrite (I'm convinced it's an overwrite because EIP is 0x00d72f10 and memory is 
the same value, and a rudimentary jump (albeit confusedly)into msdev vdebug showed 
something similar)
happens at the call to odbc prepare...

$sh = odbc_prepare($DBH,$query) or die (odbc_errormsg().$query);

the odbc_connect looks like
$DBH = odbc_connect($GLOBALS['DSN'],$GLOBALS['DSN_USER'],$GLOBALS['DSN_PW']) or die 

as it stands now I am under a deadline so I can't dig too deep (I have to find a 
workaround) ,but I'll follow up  with any supplemental material I can..
oh, ODBC Driver is Tandem NONStop..


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