ID: 12885
Updated by: jah
Old Status: Open
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating System: win98
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

This problem seems to stem from the fact that different
databases have a different notion of a connection. Some
have just a connection to the database engine and there is
a possibility to change the database within a connection,
like MySQL, and others think the connection to be to a
specified database.

Personally, I think what 'a persistent connection' means
with different databases should be clarified with each
case and the current implementation left as it is. Although
I can think about the problems it will cause to the people
writing any kind of database abstration layers... :(

I'd say that there just isn't a *simple* solution to this
problem. Hints about a complex solution appreciated.

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-21 17:03:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

When I did the following:
1. handle a = pconnect to a mysql db, say user "root", no password, host=localhost
2. select database "a"
3. handle b = pconnect to same mysql db, user "root", no password, host=localhost
4. select database "b"

If i run a query against the database using handle a, it will have database b 
selected. However, the manual says on persistent connections:

An important summary. Persistent connections were designed to have one-to-one mapping 
to regular connections. That means that you should always be able to replace 
persistent connections with non-persistent connections, and it won't change the way 
your script behaves. It may (and probably will) change the efficiency of the script, 
but not its behavior! 

This does *not* hold true, at least for mysql persistent connections in that case.

If this behaviour is not by design in 4.0.6 on Win 98, I will be happy to provide more 
information if required.


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