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> not enough information

Sorry, bug db couldn't remeber my password, so here:

Well, how:
open in msvc php4/win32/php4ts.dsw workspace, then press Alt-F7 to open 
Settings dialog, choose Win32 Debug_TS config, php4apache project and 
General tab. Then in Output files field change ..\Debug_TS to 

win32 final files by php4 layout should be placed in php4/Debug_TS (or 
php4/Release_TS or php4/Release_TS_inline) directory but relative pathes 
in msvc calculated from path to project. So as php4apache.dsp laid in 
php4/sapi/apache directory, there should be ..\..\Debug_TS.

You could also look at Release_TS and Release_TS_inline profiles and 
other sapi projects to compare with.

Hope, that those information will be enough. :)

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