one the php tests (tests/strings/003.phpt) that has been ported to
httpd-test is failing with current cvs:
setlocale (LC_CTYPE, "C");
echo htmlspecialchars ("<>\"&εΔ\n");
echo htmlentities ("<>\"&εΔ\n");

the 'echo htmlspecialchars ...' does not echo anything.

problem seems to be caused by this change:

2001-08-23  Wez Furlong  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

    * ext/standard/html.c:
    - Add support for chinese encodings to htmlentities/htmlspecialchars
      (patch from Alan Knowles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>)

if i: 
% cvs up -r1.32 ext/standard/html.c

things are back to normal.

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