Title: Q: What is the #1 reason businesses fail

Q: What is the #1 reason business failure?

A: Too much overhead compared to income?


Q: What the fastest way to correct the problem?

A: Sell excess inventory, and buy new inventory at higher margins?



Sounds simple doesn’t it.  But we all know that correcting the problem takes time.  Fortunately a new service will shortly be introduced to shorten the time and simply the process. Our client plans to introduce next month a unique Computer Network Dealers Wholesale Exchange where dealers and resellers like you can quickly come together on the Internet to sell and buy excess inventory as well as used or returned customer merchandise. 


Do you have excess inventory you couldn’t return to the distributor or vendor?

Do you have serviceable used equipment or customer returned merchandise, gathering dust in the back room?

The Computer Network Dealers Wholesale Exchange is the place to be!


Do you want to quickly find a better deal than your distributor’s wholesale price for an established product?

Do you sometimes have trouble finding a particular product/model that your customer needs?

The Computer Network Dealers Wholesale Exchange is the place to be!


The Computer Network Dealers Wholesale Exchange will provide you an auction and classified ads site focused only on computer network equipment from exchange members. Of course, there are already well-established auction sites where you can sell or buy anything from soup to nuts.  But their huge size is also a problem.  Scanning these auction sites seems to take forever to find what you really need for your business. As a businessperson with limited time, wouldn’t it be great to have an auction/classified site just for your industry? And with a vendor/model search engine to save you valuable time?


If you think your business could benefit from such an exchange, simply reply to this email with word “Info” in the subject line.  Then in a couple of weeks you’ll receive an invitation to become a FREE charter member that includes a free listing of your excess inventory.


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