At 00:06 25-08-01, Peter Bowen wrote:
>I am getting a SIGSEGV with this function.  I am probably just missing
>something.  I was hoping for a function with the prototype
>strcatl(zval **z, char *s, int l);
>strcat(zval **z, char *s);
>Lacking those, I tried
>zval **data;
>/* call to zend_hash_find to set data */
>zval *tmp;
>ZVAL_STRINGL(tmp, s, l, 1);
>add_string_to_string(*data, *data, tmp);
>What am I missing?

Nothing I can see off hand.  Where is it crashing?
BTW, apparently add_string_to_string() will crash if the first string is 
empty (in the places it's being used in right now, the first string cannot 
be empty so this case is not checked).  Any chance your first string is empty?


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