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Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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[2001-08-26 06:26:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It seems that I've reached one of the borders of PHP/Zend.

I'm coding a qt-like environment called pasta which 
results in a quite large class-tree. This is a problem for 
PHP as it looses a some parts of the class:

The code:
        print "incpath: 
        foreach($this->sec_global as $k => $v) {
            print "$k -- $v<br />";

results in the following output:

    ["debug_level"] => 0
    ["incremental"] => 0
    ["enable_resolver"] => 1
    ["outputdir"] =>
    ["include"] =>
    ["includepath"] => ../etc/
Warning:  Undefined index:  includepath in 
/pages/projects/modlogan/mlaconfiggen.php on line 262
"debug_level" -- 0
"incremental" -- 0
"enable_resolver" -- 1
"outputdir" --
"include" --
"includepath" -- ../etc/

As you can see a print_r and foreach display the same 
result. The array is filled with these data like I've 
expected it. But a direct access to the array results in a 
'undefined index' which looks very odd to me.

This problem exists for other class variables of this 
class too:

Undefined property: processorplugin ...

This happens in the default branch of a switch.

The full code can be found at

The output is at

(click 3 times on the '-->', fill in some data into the 
4th page and click on '-->' again. This will result in the 
described behaviour which has been reproduced with 
PHP4.0.6 and PHP4.0.7rc1)


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