Sounds fair to me.

On Sunday, August 26, 2001, at 11:51 AM, Andi Gutmans wrote:

> At 11:45 AM 8/26/2001 -0400, George Schlossnagle wrote:
>> Ahh...  that makes much more sense.  Should there be any protection 
>> though from populating a hash with NULL values, or is this solely the 
>> responsibility of the extension writer?  While there is the 
>> zend_has_add_empty_element(), it appears as if there is no protection 
>> from adding a NULL pData pointer if you just call 
>> zend_hash_add_or_update().
> If you're talking about HashTable's which are used in zval's for array 
> values or object properties then there should be no protection. 
> Extension writers need to make sure they don't write broken code the 
> same way they shouldn't put junk pointers in those hash tables.
> Andi

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