> > I've been looking at crossplatform gui-development, and 
> > one of the 
> > things that is easily found is the wxWindows tools 
> (www.wxwindows.org).
> > 
> > This looks to be sort of the same as php-gtk, but it does 
> windows, motif
> > os/2 and mac as well (aside from gtk).
> What do you mean by aside from gtk?

That it not only supports gtk, but the others as well (natively).

> Gtk+ is also cross-platform: Windows, BeOS, Unix, and soon Mac OS X.

That's right, but wxWin does native win/mac/gtk api... and 
you still have the choice of developing for the gtk version, 
and then using the x-platform capabilities of gtk... but you 
can also choose to use the native os api.
I also know that wxWindows abstract a lot of things besides 
the gui, like threads, sockets and stuff. Does gtk have this as well?

> Personally, I never found Motif look appealing...

Well, neither do I, but they chose to support it... ;)

> > There exists wxPython and wxPerl... why not wxPHP? 
> > Any thoughts from the php-gtk people?
> I guess I need to know what you are asking before giving a 
> meaningful reply.
I was not really asking, just for some thoughts on the 
subject. What I am curious about, is how do the capabilities 
of wxwindows and gtk+ compare to each other. What are the 
strong points of one versus the other (aside from the 
os-native lookandfeel versus gtk-lookandfeel, which is a 
matter of taste (and I like native lookandfeel better))?
How do applications developed with gtk+ for a windows 
platform handle drag-and-drop from/to other programs? Are 
there installtion issues (with wxwin you don't need a 
complete set of common controls, just a lib with the 
wrappers, with gtk+, you must install the win-version of the 
gtk on the machine as well)
One of the questions that could be useful: Is there room for 
two such projects, php-gtk and wxphp?

Cheerio, Marc.

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