ID: 3367
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Status: Open
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Operating System: All
PHP Version: 4.0
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-----from 7463-----
I would like to see a feature in PHP, that solves a problem I currently only can solve 
writing a CGI script in Perl, which I'd rather not do...
I understand that when uploading a file (POST request) from a form, the file is stored 
a temporary location on the server. However, I want to read file data in small chunks,
passing each chunk along to another server, i.e. "stream" the file data through
my server. Is this anything that would be interesting to introduce in PHP, or is it
already possible and I'm making a fool of myself? :-)
Btw, the key issue here is that I want to make it possible to send a file that is 1 Gb 
some other large value) in size to my server, that only has 200 Mb (less than the file
size) of free space...

Best regards,
Per Jönsson

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-10 14:04:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

refiled against 4.0.


[2000-01-31 19:05:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It would be very useful if one could invoke some PHP code periodically during the HTTP 
file upload process (while PHP is creating the temporary file, before the page 
generally starts processing).   

This would enable a PHP user to build a file upload feature that provides feedback and 
estimated time remaining to users.   

This may be similar to "ticks" mentioned in the technical summary of your January 
meeting, but this is for a part of the process that currently preceeds the execution 
of any PHP code.


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