At 11:37 28-08-01, Walter Franzini wrote:

>[sorry, my English is bad]
>Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Why?  Whatever extension you use on your box, put them in the php.ini.
> > dl() is never a better option.
> >
> > Zeev
>An example not solvable using php.ini:
>At SysNet, we access dbms only with odbc_* functions using (for
>different apps on the same server) solid and IBMdb2.
>We compile ext/odbc/php_odbc.c as and and load the
>right module using dl ().  Using php.ini is not feasible because this
>lead to multiple function definition.
>I think a similar situation may arise with multiple xslt backend, they
>must export the same API but could provide different features (or
>bugs) so you must use xslt1 for app1 and xslt2 for app2.
>Please don't drop dl () :-)

We're not dropping it :)  It works just as well as it did until now, which 
is not too well.  Solving the problems that arise by deprecating dl() 
(improving the ODBC module, for instance) are much easier than solving the 
problems that fixing the broken things about dl().  Right now, we're simply 
keeping the status-quo.


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