At 16:35 28-08-01, Jo Giraerts wrote:
>This is already possible in php, though with the following simple
>    // function to read a file with php-vars in as a string
>    // $predefined_vars: an array ("varname" => "value"). all the
>    // variablenames defined in this array can be used in the bodyfile.
>    // They will receive the respective values. This makes personalising
>    // the mailes easier..
>    function file_as_body($filename, $predefined_vars)
>    {
>       $ar = file($filename);
>       extract($predefined_vars);
>       foreach ($ar as $number => $line)
>       {
>          eval("\$ar2[] = \"$line\";");

Yikes, is there any reason that's not simply $ar2[] = $line;?

Anyway, how does it give the same functionality as the suggest aprintf()?


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