> I can't use libgd2 and have nice fonts.  I can't use libgd1 and have
> nice thumbnails.  I'm stuck.

Alternatively you can try php_imlib from Matt McClanahan
(http://www.mcclanahan.cx/php_imlib/). It is a PHP module for Imlib2
library. Supports true-color images, alpha blending, TTF fonts,
gradients and other cool things. It does NOT compile with PHP version
greater than 4.0.5 due to some changes in PHP config macros. To
compile with version 4.0.6 and above you will need to download my
patch from http://pp.siedziba.pl/archives/pc/php_imlib_patch.tar.gz.
This patch also adds some image filtering and caching functions and
fixes incorrect IMLIB_TEXT* constants registration. There is also
already patched version available:
I use it to generate thumbnails on http://www.tech4.pl/. Seems quite
stable when used with 1.0.3 version of Imlib2.

 Piotr Pawlow
 mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED], homepage: http://pp.siedziba.pl

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