ID: 12972
Updated by: jeroen
Old Summary: is_file() sends errors to error log
Old Status: Closed
Status: Analyzed
Old Bug Type: Filesystem function related
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Old Operating System: Redhat 6.2
Operating System: Any
Old PHP Version: 4.0.5
PHP Version: 4
New Comment:

IMHO, it would be more logic to comply to the manual in this case, so that the new 
is_file($f) behaves like the current:
file_exists($f) && is_file($f)

So nuke the warning on non-existing files. A non-existing file is not a file. Nor a 
directory, etc etc.

The change is easy, but do people agree that this change should happen?

(-> feature req)

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-27 11:35:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I don't know what your 'last' is, but current CVS doesn't output anything with 

mfischer@ficken:~$ php -q
<? error_reporting(E_ALL); $bla = file_exists('sdahfw3gjkgsdgjksd'); var_dump($bla); 

No error outpout.

- Markus


[2001-08-27 10:53:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Actually, the last I checked, you _do_ need to use @file_exists() if you have error 
reporting all the way up to avoid error output. That surprised me.


[2001-08-27 10:48:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Wrong. You use file_exists() to first determine if something exists. The name is a bit 
misleading, you can verify existense of files, directories and links (read: any file 
type). file_exists() is written to _not_ output any error. Whereas the is_*() 
functions are for good reason.

So, if you don't want to use file_exists(), you need to use @is_*(). This is the 
expected behaviour.

- Markus


[2001-08-27 07:19:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

when using the is_file function and a file is not found an error is sent back to the 
error log.  I expect this simply to return false in this case.  I am aware of 
file_exists, however in the manual:

 Returns true if the filename exists and is a regular file.

Therefore I expect this to also be testing for file existence.  I do not expect 
debugging output leading me to have to use @is_file and possibly miss other crucial 
error output.


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