I'm writing my own extension and using the Zend API docs at Zend.com. They
are very vague on using resources. I can create/destory them just fine, but
the docs
leave out exactly how access the resource data. I've been looking at
ext/curl/curl.c and ext/crack/crack.c for guidance but I can't get

ics.c:75: incompatible type for argument 1 of `zend_fetch_resource'

Rasmus mentioned that argument 1 should be of type zval **, but that doesn't
consistant with the source I looked at? If someone could explain how
ZEND_FETCH_RESOURCE works I'd be grateful.

ZEND_FUNCTION(ics_fadd)      /* simplified  */
        zval **rsrc, **arg2, **arg3;
        ics_msg *resource;     /* a struct */

        if((ZEND_NUM_ARGS() != 3) || (zend_get_parameters_ex(3, &rsrc,
&arg2, &arg3) != SUCCESS))
        {  WRONG_PARAM_COUNT; }

   ZEND_FETCH_RESOURCE(resource, ics_msg *, **rsrc, -1, le_ics_name,


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