ID: 12780
Updated by: sander
Status: Open
Bug Type: GD related
Operating System: Windows 2000
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

[User input: [EMAIL PROTECTED]]
I have experienced an issue identical to bug #12780, on a
Linux machine running RedHat 7.1, Apache 1.3.20, PHP
4.0.6, and GD 2.0.1. The original bug was running under

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-15 22:31:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The Source X and Y parameters are ignored by the function ImageCopyResampled. This may 
be a bug with the GD 2.0.1 library itself, since an examination of gd.c lines 
1960-2085 reveal no significant reference to these parameters. My e-mail to the 
developers is getting bounced, so I turn to you. I used the setup program for Windows 
to install PHP 4.0.6 on a fresh Windows 2000 machine, but I believe the problem is 
platform independant.

Here's how to reproduce the bug:

1: Create a 200 x 200 JPEG image named "grid.jpg". Divide it into four colored sqares 
of equal size, just for the demonstration.

2: Create an HTML page with the following content:

<img src="imgTest.php?src_w=100&src_h=100" alt="(src_w=100, src_h=100)"><br>
<img src="imgTest.php?src_w=100&src_h=100&src_x=100" alt="(src_w=100, src_h=100, 
<img src="imgTest.php?src_w=100&src_h=100&src_y=100" alt="(src_w=100, src_h=100, 
<img src="imgTest.php?src_w=100&src_h=100&src_x=100&src_y=100" alt="(src_w=100, 
src_h=100, src_x=100, src_y=100)"><br>

<img src="imgTest.php?mode=sample&src_w=100&src_h=100" alt="(src_w=100, 
<img src="imgTest.php?mode=sample&src_w=100&src_h=100&src_x=100" alt="(src_w=100, 
src_h=100, src_x=100)"><br>
<img src="imgTest.php?mode=sample&src_w=100&src_h=100&src_y=100" alt="(src_w=100, 
src_h=100, src_y=100)"><br>
<img src="imgTest.php?mode=sample&src_w=100&src_h=100&src_x=100&src_y=100" 
alt="(src_w=100, src_h=100, src_x=100, src_y=100)"><br>

3: Create a PHP page named "imgTest.php" with the following content:
// test of the GD functions...

$src_img = ImageCreateFromJPEG("./grid.jpg"); 

if (empty($dest_x)) $dest_x = 0;
if (empty($dest_y)) $dest_y = 0;
if (empty($dest_w)) $dest_w = 100;
if (empty($dest_h)) $dest_h = 100;

if (empty($src_x)) $src_x = 0;
if (empty($src_y)) $src_y = 0;
if (empty($src_w)) $src_w = ImageSX($src_img);
if (empty($src_h)) $src_h = ImageSY($src_img);

$dst_img = ImageCreateTrueColor($dest_w, $dest_h);

if ($mode == "sample") {
        ImageCopyResampled( $dst_img, $src_img, $dest_x, $dest_y, $src_x, $src_y, 
$dest_w, $dest_h, $src_w, $src_h);
} else {
        ImageCopyResized( $dst_img, $src_img, $dest_x, $dest_y, $src_x, $src_y, 
$dest_w, $dest_h, $src_w, $src_h);

header("Content-type: image/JPEG");

The result is that the bottom group of squares will all be from the upper left corner, 
while the top group of squares will be separate corners. This shows that the functions 
are not interchangable.


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