From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Slackware 8.0 - Linux, 2.2.19
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     *Compile Issues
Bug description:  Compile Failure

Since PHP4 started calling the module "phplib4.module" things break. The
Apache Makefiles still use the term "phplib4.a" in the Makefiles - when I
change these I then get a compile error in Apache stating:

/usr/i386-slackware-linux/bin/ld:modules/php4/libphp4.module: file format
not recognized;
treated as linker script

Some Slackware help for people manually installing PHP/MySQL/Apache would
really be helpful - Not everyone is using RedHat or Mandrake linux with
RPM's or point and click package installers.. =(

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