there's code to do this (for apache) in libapreq
( this is probably something that php
should fix in the sapi layer. while the libapreq code obviously won't
work for other servers, it may be a good source of code.


Andi Gutmans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think the problem is the fact that we read all of the file into Memory 
> (and therefore probably swap). I couldn't see any erealloc()'s in the code 
> so I'd bet on the former problem. Maybe ASP writes out the file while it's 
> arriving.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Andi
> At 03:17 PM 9/2/2001 +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>ID: 13094
>>Updated by: jeroen
>>Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>Status: Open
>>Bug Type: Performance problem
>>Operating System: Windows 2000
>>PHP Version: 4.0.6
>>New Comment:
>>Seems duplicate of 2291, but that one should be fixed in 4.0.6
>>Previous Comments:
>>[2001-09-02 07:34:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>  {
>>         $FileNameAdd = 
>> $FileName;                                               //Prefix for 
>> filename using uniqid();
>>         $FileNameAddDB = 
>> $DBFileName;                           //Including prefix used for database
>>         $filename = 
>> $HTTP_POST_FILES['userfile']['name'];       //Filename as selected by user
>>         $FileExt = substr(strrchr($filename, "."), 1);
>>         if(array_search($FileExt, $Extensions) == FALSE)
>>         {
>>                 <font class="warning">Not allowed to upload this file.</font>
>>                 exit();
>>         }
>>         $DBFileSize = $HTTP_POST_FILES['userfile']['size'];
>>         $DBFileName = $FileNameAddDB.$filename;
>>         move_uploaded_file($userfile, $Mapping . $FileNameAdd.$filename);
>>Didn't compile anything just use the compiled version as download from 
>>When I upload a file bigger than 10 MB, it takes a very long time (if it 
>>uploads) I adjusted all the needed variables in php.ini.
>>I'm using it for files (>150MB) over a Lan network.
>>I've tried a ASP uploader and it does the same file in less then three 
>>minutes. PHP was working for 30 minutes and still wasn't done.
>>I think this is a bug in the code.
>>Marcel van Leeuwen
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