ID: 13100
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Operating System: Debian Linux 2.2 unstable
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Obviously you're doing something wrong. Anyway, not a bug
in PHP. Ask more help on [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Previous Comments:

[2001-09-03 01:02:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

while compiling my own module, I got this problem. Maybe it's going to be dificult to 
get the exact right version because Debian distribution doesn't provide source code of 
all packages...

Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with debug=0, thread-safety=0 module API=0
PHP compiled with debug=0, thread-safety=0 module API=20001222
These options need to match


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