This is probably more for Andi and Zeev, but I thought I'd
ask here in case someone else knows...

In a Zend extension in the fcall_begin_handler_func_t, is it
possible to get the name of the function being called?

>From what I can make of the Zend engine (zend_execute.c),
in order to get the name I need the zend_op_array and a
temp_variable and use the index provided by the opcode into
that temp_variable (get_object_zval_ptr).

Am I correct?  I thought of trying get_active_function_name(),
but it appears that this hasn't been setup at the time of the

Is there a way to do this?  It's for a call stack dump, but it's
not that important (especially since I heard that Engine 2 will
have this).  It'd would be helpful to me while I develop in the


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