Hello everyone... I have been working on this random function for awhile now.. and it is close to being complete. It works as for a random function. But what my goal was is to make it where it goes through all the images before showing a random twice. Kind of like you put all the images in a bucket, and random select one out of the bucket while you eyes are closed, once you take it out of the bucket you put it on the table till there is no images left in the bucket, then you fill the bucket again and start over.
Now... I thought the following function did that, but for some reason it is not... I might have just missed a line of code, or misspelled something, but I come to you guys/gals to be more second pair of fresh eyes to see if you can find where I made a mistake.
-------------code snippet--------------------
function getRandomUser()
 static $itemarray;
 if (empty($itemarray)) {
  $connection = mysql_pconnect(SQL_SERVER, SQL_UID, SQL_PWD);
      mysql_select_db(SQL_DB, $connection);
  $sql = "select * from user where valid = 1 and inrotation = 1";
  $query = mysql_query($sql);
 while($thisrow = mysql_fetch_array($query)) {
  $itemarray[] = $thisrow;
 if (sizeof($itemarray) == 0)
  return Array('userid'=>'-1', "photo_name"=>'', "photo_num"=>'', "counter"=>'', "size"=>'');
  $row = rand(0, sizeof($itemarray)- 1);
 $toreturn = $itemarray[$row];
 $itemarray = array_splice($itemarray,$row,1);
 return $toreturn;
-------------code snippet--------------------
thanks guys... :)
Brad C

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