ID: 13112
Updated by: mfischer
Old Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Filesystem function related
Operating System: windows
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

With which application do you view the file?
Try redirecting stdout to a file and see if you can see the accented characters.

php -f yourscript.php >output

Awaiting feedback.

- Markus

Previous Comments:

[2001-09-03 12:27:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

There is a problem when i use PHP as a command script.
When i write some string with accented chars to the screen it is ok, but when i write 
the same string into a file the accents don't show and are changed by other Chars.
When i run the same script by the browser i don't get any problem.

Is this a PHP problem or a character map of my computer?

Thank you.


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