i'm not even close to being a phpdeveloper, so i should really shut up.

but i won't.

i read the interesting stuff on php-dev (!bugs that is) and i find this
rand-story quite childish.

jeroen, you've done everything one would expect someone committing something
new/changing to do.

the rest of you, STOP MOANING.
either moan _BEFORE_ the commit OR give him CONSTRUCTIVE feedback OR shut

i thought the whole php-dev-group was mature.
guess i was wrong.

/ d

<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am really furious now, and this is why:
> * People here seem to read things here VERY selectively. On August 4th I
> submitted a first proposal, and Rasmus (and ONLY Rasmus) had some problems
> with it, being that this would break BC if ppl rely on the reproducibilty
> rand() sequences. THAT WAS THE ONLY COMMENT I GOT.
> * On August 16th, I submitted a second proposal, which *IMHO* adressed
> issue. It went a bit more complex of course, but I was hoping to get that
> out of the code ASAP, i.e. with the next compatibility breaking PHP.
> The code also IMPROVED because there was now, unlike the first proposal, a
> PORTABLE and CLEAR and EXPLICIT way of getting a reproducable sequence of
> 'random' numbers.
> Noone commented, even after multiple reminders. By means of (sometimes
> personal) mails with some phpdev, I got the idea that those ppl agreed
> me.
> * On August 22th, I announced to branch ext/standard to start implementing
> HAVE SAID IT AT THAT MOMENT. You couldn't have missed the announcment,
> there was a small discussion with Zeev about the branching.
> * On August 26th, (subject "rand() redesign - please read") I announced
> the code was alread looking like something, i.e. the general idea was
> already clear. I also referred AGAIN to my second proposal.
> Again, nobody had problems with it.
> * On September 3rd, I merged it into MAIN. And now, suddenly everybody has
> problems with both semantics and implementation. I'm stunned. And angry.
> All the time from August 22th until September 3rd, you also could have
> CVS-commit messages on PHP-CVS.
> If people are TOO LAZY to read ANY of these mails, they LOOSE IMO the
> to comment to the code as it is today on a way that is done now. I have NO
> PROBLEM at all when ppl say something like "On line 123 of rand.c, you do
> something like this-and-this, wouldn't that-and-that be more
> efficient/better/elegant/whatever. But I DO HAVE PROBLEMS with the
> I got so far.
> So. I suggest people go read and read again the things I referred to above
> when they want to have something to say about the changes. And only then
> submit your comments to php-dev. The next few days I won't be able to read
> mail a lot, so please don't be inpatient - there's a life outside PHP (at
> least for me).
> I also suggest we act like there were no mails sent after the merge.
> Jeroen
> (and I *definitely* also need some positive reactions otherwise you
> won't see any more patches from me (some people won't care maybe, but
> their problem))
> PS: Egon, go read my reply when you asked that the first time. Wasn't I
> clear? It was in plain English though...

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