From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: linux red hat 7.1
PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type:     Sockets related
Bug description:  UDP probs

well when i send an UDP packet to my halflife server with 
fsockopen and fgets, it returns me another packet beginning from the 2nd
line instead of the 1st. it means that if i were supposed to get :

packet #1-"hello"
packet #2-"world"
packet #3-"its me"

i receive :

packet #1-"world"
packet #2-"its me"

here's a sample of my code :

function get_pass_player_cs($serverip,$port,$rcon)

        $get_pass_player_cs .= "<BR>Do ".$commande." on

        //Open the network for transmission. 
        $serverip = "udp://".$serverip;
        $fp = fsockopen($serverip,$port, &$errno, &$errstr,10);
        if (!$fp) 
                $get_pass_player_cs .= "Server not available :".$errno;
                //Send statusrequest. 
                fwrite($fp,"˙˙˙˙challenge rcon"."\x00");
                $challenge = fgets($fp,50);
                $challenge = substr($challenge, 19);
                $challenge = trim ($challenge);
                $rcontxt="˙˙˙˙rcon ".$challenge." ".$rcon." status\x00";

                $tmp = fgets($fp,100);
//debug         echo $tmp;
                $get_pass_player_cs = $tmp;
                return $get_pass_player_cs;
        $get_pass_player_cs .= "Erreur";
        return $get_pass_player_cs;
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