Dear Internet User,

The Dot Com era may be over, but an exciting new era on the Internet is about to 
begin. On 
October 01, 2001 a new top-level domain name extension called Dot Biz will be 
launched. As a member of the Internet community, you must pre-register your Dot Biz 
name as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as there will be tremendous rush from 
general public once this new extension is reported in the mainstream media.

We have now begun accepting pre-registrations for the .BIZ and other upcoming new 
extensions. This means that you can now pre-register for an attractive new domain name 
of your 
choice and significantly increase your chances of securing your domain name. If you 
missed out 
on .COM, here is your chance with .BIZ. If you do not act as soon as possible, you may 
unfortunately miss out 
on the biggest cyberspace land grab in the history of the Internet. The time to act is 
now. Visit: to enter your domain names for pre-registration.

Over 550,000 names have already been pre-registered in our servers by savvy consumers; 
however, this is just a small inkling of the expected demand on launch day...over 3 
million domain 
names are expected to be registered immediately after the official launch. According 
to a July 02, 
2001 ZDNET news article, industry analysts estimate that "15 million dot-biz names 
will be 
registered by 2005," thus making Dot Biz even more popular than Dot Com. An exciting 
new era is about to 
unfold on the Internet. Go to to pre-register now.

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