On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 08:48:52AM +0200, Alexander Jäger wrote : 
> i wanted to do a waiting function and read on php.net, that usleep does not
> work under windows. so i did my own function and got problems with microtime
> and gettimeofday
> does anybody has expiriences that these doesn't work under windows?
> e.g. i got for the usec - value of gettimeofday values higher than one
> million?

It would be really interesting if someone can do microsecond
timer with NT architecture (without special hardware). To my
knowledge NT architecture does no support microsecond timer
resolution. It only has a 32bit tick counter whose resolution is
miliseconds (remmeber the 49.7 days reboot of some version of
Win95).  If you have additional hardware you can take advantage by
extending this to a 64bit counter with microseconds resolution
.... poor NT ...

- Markus

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