> If this patch is not applied, tell me why. I'm just going to keep posting it
> until someone adds it.  This is really important stuff to anyone that is
> going to use interbase in any serious way.

Well, first you need to fix your diff.  uudecoding that thing results in:

--- ext/interbase/interbase.ct/i13 Aug 2001 07:55e.c,v=============
+/*-25,6Changes:2001-05-  received create a blob and add td something else
  value to it.  1999-09-- more verbose php_info_ibaegionet.cz>arameter is
 @ -484, STD_PHP_INI_ENTRY("ibase.timeformat", "%H:%M:%S", PHP_INI_ALL,
OnUpdateString, cfg_timeformat, ze-{tatic IBG(timeformat) =
NULL;NULL;zend_ibase_globals *ibase_globals)
 PHP_MINIT_FUNCTION(ib>num_persistent = 0;ULL;
+static int _php_ibase_bind(XSQLDA *sqlda, pval **b_vars, BIND_BUF *buf)

ie. complete gibberish.


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