ID: 13125
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: *Configuration Issues
Operating System: Apache Linux r00s01 2.4.4-4GB #1
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Did you also change post_max_size ? 
And do you happen to have configure PHP with --enable-memory-limit ??


Previous Comments:

[2001-09-04 07:08:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I had a problem with uploaded files, they constantly stuck when trying to upload them 
to the webserver via th so called upload script (I used exactly the one from PHP 
documentation) So I changed the "Local Value" for "upload_max_filesize" but left the 
one for "Master Value" the same. This is my actuall configuration now:

upload_max_filesize | Local:10M | Master:2M 

Now the Problem is exactly the same as bevore, I can not upload 10MB, I can not upload 
5MB, but I may do so whith files that are sized lower than 2MB (this is an issue that 
bothers me a lot, cause I am loosing users from my website constantly ... they go to 
other poages that operate with historic CGI-Scripts, but those can handle hundrde MB's 
at the same time)

If replying to me, I will have to forward that mail to Jene [EMAIL PROTECTED] - and it 
would be great, if you could just send him a copy of the answer as well, cause we are 
patently waiting to get that problem fixed, without having to change the variable for 
Master as well. What will we have to do then? I put a PHPinfo of our server for you to 
check at the following URL: so you can see, 
that we did not make too many mistakes in generall!

THIS IS A BUG and schould be fixed as soon as possible!


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