On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> >     Noop... fixed in cvs.
> Good catch Sebastian.  We need to keep an eye on this Sterling guy!
> Sometimes I wonder if he introduces bugs like this just to see if someone
> will catch them.  He introduced it about 2 days ago in this patch:
>  http://cvs.php.net/diff.php/php4/ext/standard/string.c?r1=1.229&r2=1.230&f=u
> And it didn't leak into the PHP_4_0_7 branch.


    Hrmm, its very (*very*) tempting at times, but no...

    Just cleaning up, and a couple of ooOOooPPpp's come along, things which
    tests like:

    $str = stristr("BAHH HUMBUG", "H");

    just don't pick up :)

    This is why I'm keeping this patch away from the PHP_4_0_7 branch, I
    figure any subtle stuff that will be introduced can be fixed by
    4.0.8 (paying very close attention to php-dev@, and still testing
    for the bad stuff as it comes,  don't worry :)


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