From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Debian
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Arrays related
Bug description:  Problem with array_diff()

My site is a series of questions that users answer.  In order to track
which questions are answered and which are not I've developed two mysql

inever_statements which contains all the questions and their
inever_answers which contains all the answers for each question from each

Because mysql doesn't have a method for doing isin queries I've instead
loaded two arrays.  One array contains the ids for all the possible
questions, the second array contains all the ids for the questions the
current user has answered.  By running array_diff() on these two arrays I
should be able to create a list of ids for questions the current user
hasn't answered.

This worked perfectly for quite a while.  However, the number of questions
is now near 600....  I can load both arays and use print_r() to verify the
contents of each.  However, running array_diff() fails if the user has
answered a single question.

Is this due to the large number of questions?  Is there perhaps a better
way to accomplish the same thing?

One thought I had was to break down the process into a number of smaller
comparisions, say limiting the query to 50 or 100 records.  Any other
suggestions would be appreciated.
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