Yasuo Ohgaki wrote:

 > I gave up tring to make reproducible script.
 > For the record, PHP does not execute script properly under very
 > limmited  circumstance that I can't find out exactly. Under normal
 > execution,  calling function over and over should exhoust memory,
 > since new stack is  needed for each new function call. I can see
 > they are called over and  over, but stack does not add up.
 > Execution results in segfault instead  of reaching memory limit. At
 >  least gdb/ddd tells so.
 > Anyway, I think most of users will not be affected by this. If I
 > find anything concrete, I'll post it here again.
I noticed imcomplete description.
I have following code

// Pesudo code
function handle_input1() {
   switch(input1) {
     case a:
     case b:

function handle_input2() {
   switch (input2) {
    case x:
     if (some inputs are wrong) {
      input1 = b;
     else {
      // do other thing
    case y:

gdb tells handle_input1() and handle_input2() is calling each other over 
and over, but stack does not add up. It works well for all most of all 

Yasuo Ohgaki

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