I do apologize. I should have specified that 
I am using PHP 4.0.6, and have NOT tried to 
reproduce in 4.0.7

I've seen this error in bugs.php.net 
already, and see no need in reproducing
a bug report for an issue which is already known.

Please forgive my short initial post, as it was very late, 
and my brain was very tired.

I can't wait to see 4.0.7 rolled out 
with the new xslt extension, keep up
the good work, the free world depends on it ;)

> On 7 Sep 2001, Malus wrote:
>> in your httpd.conf, set MaxChildRequests to 1
>> you won't get any more segfaults.
>> yeah, this fix has faults, but at least you can
>> code/test until the xslt stuff is in place, eh?
>     What segfaults are you getting?  Why not submit a bug report on
>     http://bugs.php.net/?
>     Can you generate a backtrace?  Or give a short test script to
>     reproduce this error?
>     -Sterling

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