Thanks for the update, however, you should note the deprecation of the older
mcrypt functions in the PHP documentation...


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Subject: Bug #13068 Updated: mcrypt_module_open causes seg fault

ID: 13068
Updated by: derick
Old Status: Assigned
Status: Closed
Bug Type: mcrypt related
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.6
Assigned To: derick
New Comment:

I looked into it, and mcrypt_decrypt is using the old API which does NOT
work in conjunction with mcrypt_module_open.
mcrypt_decrypt uses it's own mcrypt_module_open. I'm closing this bug, as
there is no way to catch it (and it's not severe because you should not mix
the old API and the new API).


Previous Comments:

[2001-08-31 02:45:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It's still a bug, PHP should not crash. Assiging to myself.


[2001-08-30 20:24:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Correction, and solution.

It turns out that it wasn't mcrypt_module_open that was seg faulting, but
mcrypt_decrypt.  The solution was that I didn't have a generic_init call.


[2001-08-30 17:32:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Running PHP 4.0.6 and libmcrypt 2.4.15 on a Linux box (2.4.x kernel).

I've narrowed it down to the call to mcrypt_module_open.  That's the one
that hoses me.

$cipher = "des";
$td = mcrypt_module_open ($cipher, "", MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, "");

Sometimes it works, other times, I get seg faults, which would rule out
library permissions, etc.

Any ideas?



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