> Why the heck do we have:
>      PHP_FALIAS(_,   gettext,    NULL)
> in ext/gettext/gettext.c

That has been there forever and is very standard.  Anybody who has ever
used gettext knows this well.

>From the gettext docs:

Many packages use `_' (a simple underline) as a keyword, and write
`_("Translatable string")' instead of `gettext ("Translatable string")'.
Further, the coding rule, from GNU standards, wanting that there is a
space between the keyword and the opening parenthesis is relaxed, in
practice, for this particular usage.  So, the textual overhead per
translatable string is reduced to only three characters: the underline and
the two parentheses. However, even if GNU gettext uses this convention
internally, it does not offer it officially. The real, genuine keyword is
truly `gettext' indeed. It is fairly easy for those wanting to use `_'
instead of `gettext' to declare:

#include <libintl.h>
#define _(String) gettext (String)


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