On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Frank M. Kromann wrote:

> I would also like to see ext/mssql and ext/sybase merged into one extension,
> as they both use the same DB-Librery. Changing the functionsnames to dblib_*
> would also be the right, as long as we keep aliases_* to sybase and mssql_*
> for some time.

Hmm.  I see some clear benefits to moving the extension to ext/dblib, but I'm
not sure how much it's to the benefit of consumers of this extension if the
function names are changed to dblib_*.  In comparison, the functions from
ext/sybase_ct all simply use the sybase_ prefix, with mssql_* aliases, even
though the extension name is neither 'sybase' nor 'mssql'.  This, I think, is
what users of the API are looking for; they don't care if the underlying
implementation uses ctlib, dblib, or something else.

OTOH, using dblib_* as the authoritative names does have the advantage of
putting the 'mssql' and 'sybase' monikers on equal footing.  In my patch to
ext/mssql (which I'll forward to you separately, so as not to clutter the
list), I've completely reversed the precedence of mssql_* vs sybase_* with
the reasoning that 'sybase' is the more historically accurate name for this
library -- but I don't want to turn the CVS tree into a battlefield between
Unix and Windows supporters. :)

> I havent started implementing a new MSSQL extension yet for two resons. 1) I
> would like to have the extension working on more than one platform and 2) I
> have a dialog with Microsoft about an updated version of there DBLibrary,
> but it is going very slow.

Hmm, would be interesting if they did update DBLibrary...

> I have also thaught about writing my own system based on OLE DB. An OLE DB
> service (broaker) should be installed on an NT/2000 box and a client library
> should be installed on NT/2000/Linux/Unix. This would allow the client to
> request data from the broker and the broker could query any OLE DB provider
> available.

How would this compare with the existing ODBC-based extension?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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