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> Hi,
> I'm curious to know how PHP configures IIS/PWS to let itself handle all
> requests for files ending in .php, etc. How is it done?
> Is it the same for IIS and PWS?

IIS 3 and below is effectively the same as PWS on win 9x platforms and uses 
the registry for configuration. IIS4 and above uses a thing called the IIS 
metabase for configuration, and is effectively the same as PWS on NTWS and 

> Is the configuration different for using
> PHP as a CGI and as an ISAPI module?
AFAIK, the PHP ISAPI module is not officially supported on IIS3, but on IIS 4 
the configuration differs in that the script mapping points to the 
php4isapi.dll rather than php.exe and also that php4isapi.dll is added to the 
list of ISAPI filters so that it can get its hands on authentication 

> PHP puts a string value under the "Script Map" registry key, but adding
> just a new string value for a new file extension doesn't work. So this
> can't be it?

That is what the installer does. It seems to work on the machines I've tested 
it on. If it should do more or something else, let me know so I can update 
the installer.

Phil Driscoll

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