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World Wide Web Cie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Note added by jmoore:
> My vote: 1 :)
> Suggestions/remarks:
> I think that PHP should provide a nicer more intuative random number
system, who wants to have to give a shit about seeding a random number
generator etc, I think we should still leave mt_* and *rand() in place as
for C programmers they brhave the way we expect which makes our lives easier
as we dont have to think but for non C programmers a no brain random()
function would be nice. I think that somthing should be done but I am unsure
if your proposal is the best way to do it.. Ill try to think of somthing and
add to this and then perhaps we can get a better discussion about this whole


I like the suggestion to keep rand and srand in place for people used to it.
If you want to do it the hard way, why not give them the possibility?
I'm not sure wether this is valid for mt_rand etc too, but why not... they
will stay for a while anyway because of BC.

Keep me posted if you think of something else!


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