ID: 4025
Updated by: sterling
Old Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Misbehaving function
Operating System: Linux RH6.1 / WinNT4
PHP Version: 3.0.15
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not a bug, ask php support questions on

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[2000-04-04 04:59:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I would like to do something like this: 

class example { 
function print_a_list ( $an_array ) 

function do_something { 
array_walk( fruits, "$this->print_a_list" ); 

The error returned is 
Warning: Unable to call () - function does not exist in inc\example_class.php 

To get it working I have done this 

class example { 

function do_something { 
    define('PRINT_FUNCTION', TRUE); 
    function print_a_list ( $an_array ) 
  array_walk( fruits, "print_a_list" ); 
} //end do_something 
} //end example class 

The define is to stop errors when I call the do_something method more than once for a 
single instance of the example class. If I don't it gives me a Cannot Redelare error. 
This is not really perfect becasue I have to declare print_a_list twice if I want to 
use it outside the do_something function.  Plus the code is abit messy. 

I've asked and studied the docs but I can find a way around it.  
I've also tried it using php4 with the same results.
Thanks for your time,


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