ID: 11993
Updated by: sander
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: MySQL related
Operating System: Debian 2.19
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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No feedback. Closing.

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[2001-11-20 19:55:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Can you try if the problem still persists with latest RC



[2001-10-24 00:59:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

missing status


[2001-07-11 13:58:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

hi zak,

thanks for your answer.

in my opinion, php must have some matrix, where you stores the number of connect and 
close calls with the connection id. this will probably solve the problem.

ps: i use these multiple connections in oop environment, where a global connection id, 
is not the best idea. or?



[2001-07-11 06:58:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here is a refinement on this bug:

Multiple duplicate calls to mysql_connect are supposed to return the same link ID. 
Each call after the first call will only return the link ID of the first (if 
everything goes as planned, the connection is still good, etc...).

    var_dump (mysql_connect() === mysql_connect());

Given this behavior, how should mysql_close() behave?

I would expect that calling mysql_close ($id) would close the connection that both $id 
and $id2 refer to.

Behavior is not this - instead it is quite odd...

Multiple calls to mysql_close are required to close multiple duplicate calls to 

    var_dump ($db = mysql_connect ());
    var_dump ($db = mysql_connect ()); 
    var_dump (mysql_close ($db)); 
    // Maybe this closes the default connection?
    var_dump (mysql_close ($db)); 

However, if more than two calls to mysql_connect are made, followed by a corresponding 
number of calls to mysql_close, the mysql_close calls start to fail.

    $max = 10;
    for ($x=0; $x<$max; ++$x) {
        var_dump ($db = mysql_connect());

    for ($x=0; $x<$max; ++$x) {
        var_dump (mysql_close ($db));

Now, throw change the call to mysql_close($db) to mysql_close() - everything seems to 
work as expected.

However as soon as you add a call to mysql_query after the call to mysql_close, the 
link will *never* die - no matter how many times you close it.

Finally, put a call to mysql_close ($db) between the two loops. The next call to 
mysql_close() will fail with an error, while subsequent calls will succeed - once 
again, the link will never die.

Things get even stranger when this behavior is encountered within recursive function 
calls - however, I guess that this is a side effect of the behavior described above.

It looks like there is some complex/odd interactions happening with the code that 
closes mysql links and the code that sets and uses the default link -- however, this 
is quite far over my head!

Anyone else have any ideas? :)


[2001-07-11 05:07:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Dear Ati,

When you enter a bug report, please make the script that reproduces the error as short 
and simple as possible.

I do not believe that the problem that you are encountering is a bug - you just have 
too many connections open at once.

Try this script:

error_reporting (0);

function test () {
        static $count = 0;

        if (++$count < 20) {
                echo "Opening $count:";
                var_dump ($db = mysql_connect ('localhost:3306', replace_me, 
                test ();

                echo "Closing $count:";
                var_dump (mysql_close ($db));

test ();

Now try it with mysql_pconnect -- does the error go away? It does for me.

In most cases, you will only need a *single* connection to a mysql database -- not 

This may still be a bug - two or more calls to mysql_connect with the same arguments 
should only result in one connection being opened. Each call will return the same 
connection ID.


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