I don't think that matters that much really. Even if it's 2%, and not 12% or 50%, we're still talking about billions of lines of code...

Let's, please, give it a rest.


At 11:13 24/10/2002, Kristian Koehntopp wrote:

We have heard a lot of anecdotal evidence about the usage of <? vs. <?php vs.
other methods of PHP invocation. In order to clear things up a little, I have
asked a friend of mine for more detailed numbers from a real world example.

The following tests have been done very much ad hoc, and the numbers are not
representative. They have been made across the PHP files found at a very
large german provider. The test has been running for a night until he killed
it, and the friend estimated that a full run across several million domains
would take about 10 days to complete. He did not do anything to filter out
standard scripts such as phpMyAdmin, nor did he do anything else to
postprocess the numbers.

The following numbers have been generated by "find" and "grep" for all lines
that have something that resembles a PHP opening tag. These lines have then
been categorized and counted. The total result set had a size of approx. 1.3
million lines.

<?php 84%
<?= 3%
<? 12%
<% 0,3%
<DEFANGED_script... 37ppm

If you can come up with a script or a program that a) performs and b) can take
the output of "find" at stdin, I will ask for a more detailed statistic.


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