At 07:35 28/10/2002, Thies C. Arntzen wrote:
On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 05:24:38PM +0200, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:
> TCA>>     but zval_ptr_dtor (used in assert.c-OnChangeCallback) checks
> TCA>>     against EG(uninitialized_zval_ptr) - so calling zval_ptr_dtor
> TCA>>     anytime before init_executor will cause an UMR.
> Actually, zval_ptr_dtor calls zval_dtor, which does much more EG(...)
> games than just EG(uninitialized_zval_ptr). So I guess calling
> zval_ptr_dtor before init_executor is unwise indeed...

    yep - but can we simply move init_executor a bit "up"?
Probably not. Can you simply fix the OnChange callback? :) NULL up the ASSERTG(callback) on time?


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