Lets stick to C comments, as those are the preference listed in 
coding standards (and C++ style comments are really only intended
for single line out-commenting anyhow).

The test works fine here; it relies on output buffering working correctly;
when the test passes you see only the expected output.  If it fails, you
see a trace of the seek offsets and expected positioning etc. etc.

The failure of the test for you, and also the strange behaviour when
changing the ob_xxx calls points a finger at the output buffer layer.

Lets just make it a point to discuss something before changing someone
elses code: comments and coding styles are often a touchy subject with
a lot of developers (I'm normally fine with it, but it seemed pointless
in this case, and against our general coding standards.)


On 10/29/02, "Marcus Börger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I started to work on that issue. My first attempt was to check where and
> why the test failed. I used the comment modification because it seems
> the test fails due to some internal failure.
> The reason i did not ask you before was that i considered my changes
> a kind of whitespace change so that any further change can easily be
> seen.
> The question i would like to ask now we already talk about this is:
> When i comment out everythink starting at ob_start() i get some
> output. If not (original) then i don't get any output. What is weired is
> that when i use any print/echo statement after ob_end_xxx() nothing
> is printed...
> The length of the lyrics added by me was only to test whether or not that
> part of the script works.
> marcus
> At 15:25 29.10.2002, Wez Furlong wrote:
> >On 10/29/02, "Marcus B?rger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > >   -Use "//" instead of "/* ... */" comments
> >
> >Why?
> >
> > >   #this test fails for me. Very weired...
> >
> >You changed the test.
> >Why not ask me first about it failing?
> >
> >--Wez.

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