> I'm seeing a memory overrun under PHP 4.3.0pre2 (debug) running under
> Windows 2000 ISAPI.  [ . . . ]
> ---------------------------------------
> C:\Work\php-source\php-4.3.0pre2\ext\bcmath\libbcmath\src\init.c(72):
> Freeing 0x01B85050 (1 bytes), script=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\test.php
> Last leak repeated 2 times
> C:\Work\php-source\php-4.3.0pre2\ext\bcmath\libbcmath\src\init.c(57):
> Freeing 0x01B84FF8 (29 bytes), script=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\test.php
> Last leak repeated 2 times

Based on seeing these leaks I disabled BCMath and recompiled PHP. 
Without BCMath active I do not have any of the memory overruns that I
reported in my previous message.

Looking in the CVS logs for php4/ext/bcmath/bcmath.c I believe there
may be an issue with the changes introduced in version 1.37 (by Andi,
who is CCed also).  This patch moved the allocation and freeing of the
static BC numbers _zero_, _one_, and _two_ to a per-request basis
instead of at module initilzation and shutdown.  It looks like the
storage locations for those values are global externs, however, which
multiple threads are now allocating and deallocating at the same time.

Is there somewhere that I'm not understanding in the code that would
keep multiple threads from smashing each other here?

Michael Sisolak

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