some of these changes went in a few days ago, so you want to:
        cvs co -r PHP_4_3 php4
or grab the release candidate.

> > first file_get_contents & readfile both core dump with bus errors
> > the file descriptors are typed as int's when they should be longs
> > (steams.c lines 1020/1156)

The lines don't match up to the current code... if you could tell me
based on the current lines or give me a code snippet....

> > third, and even stranger, is in php_spn_common_handler it calls:
> > zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "ss|ll", &s11,
> > &len1, &s22, &len2, &start, &len)

Until a few days ago - there was an int/long issue with many calls to
zend_parse_parameter. s need an int, l needs a long. I *think* all of
these are fixed correctly.


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