Performing managerial tasks doesn't make someone a manager of people. I 
suggest we ask ourselves the question - does FIG 3.0's definition of the 
secretaries differ from the current bylaws definition of the secretaries? 
Does the current definition of secretaries (or someone's disagreement of 
the existing bylaws) make this a discussion about them or the content of 
the 3.0 proposal that is actually different?

This is a thread to discuss the content of 3.0 that differs from the 
current FIG. Unless the secretary bylaws differ significantly (in 3.0) from 
what is currently defined, it would seem that discussions about them are a 
straw man:

A *straw man* is a common form of argument 
<> and is an informal fallacy 
<> based on giving the 
impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an 
argument that was not advanced by that opponent.[1] 

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