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On Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 12:26:50 PM UTC-4, Michael Cullum wrote:
> Hi all,
> The PSR-11 Editors have requested we open this vote for them as they are 
> unable to do so not being voting members.
> *Status Quo:* The bylaw states that all interfaces in PSRs published by 
> the PHP FIG must have the interface name suffix of 'Interface' e.g. 
> `LoggerInterface`
> *Change:* The proposed change is that we no longer require that 
> interfaces are suffixed by 'Interface' so `ContainerInterface` would become 
> `Container`
> Arguments for/against and [two week] *discussion*: 
> http://bit.ly/interface-suffix-discussion
> *Pull request for bylaw change*: http://bit.ly/interface-suffix-pr
> Note: This will only affect future PSR production (of PSRs in draft or not 
> yet through an entrance vote) so will not break or change any current PSRs. 
> It is also not a standard or recommendation for the PHP community or member 
> projects, but an internal bylaw on how we name interfaces in our own 
> interfaces in PSRs.
> Voting will close in two weeks on the 18th September at 23:59 UTC. Voting 
> is available to voting members and may be cast as +1 (For), -1 (Against) or 
> 0 (Abstain).
> --
> Many thanks,
> Michael Cullum

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